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jmke 30th May 2005 23:03


Originally posted by Da_BoKa
it looks like always "maanverbanden'
look closer, it IS

Nessmaster 31st May 2005 18:31

Xbox 360 of course!!! I modded my last Xbox and it rocks!!!! Xbox 360 looks even simpler with the USB ports and removable HD. M$ is making this all too easy =P

jmke 12th June 2005 22:10

the PS3 might prove harder to program for, but it has the technical edge. Xbox360 has very large online community service, which will boost sales a lot:)

Faiakes 30th June 2005 09:03


Originally posted by GIBSON
meh, i'd buy neither, i'd rather spend the money on some computer parts or a htpc
I'll have to agree with Gibson on that one.

Unless you need your PC to be exclusively involved in some other application, there is no reason to buy a console. Now with Dual Cores, even better!

Mind you, if there was any reason to buy a console, Halo 2, might do the trick for me. Please, someone tell me, is it ever going to come out for PC?

jmke 30th June 2005 10:12

there are no plans for Halo 2 on PC afaik

Faiakes 30th June 2005 12:33

Well, I won't buy an xBox anyway hahahahahahaa :)

jmke 30th June 2005 14:26

XBOX is the best buy I did in the past 9 months, I payed 180 with 4 games, 2 controllers and DVD remote. The xbox was altered to support extra functionality in the form of XBMC (Xbox Media Center) which allows you to play DVD/DIVX/XVID/WMV/AVI/RAM/MOV etc straight from a networked PC or the local hard drive.

The xbox has 5.1 Sound output + high quality image output, making it a better solution for watching movies on TV then the HTPC I was using. and best of all is that the XBOX cost only a fraction of the HTPC.. I could not get a decent videocard for the price of the xbox:):):)

jmke 30th June 2005 15:52

I'm using the version of end may (25/05) I think, what are the features of the "new visualisation"?

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