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jmke 18th May 2005 12:44

XBOX 360, Playstation 3 or Nintendo?
What console will you buy? :)

easypanic 20th May 2005 05:49

Indeed, too early to guess I think...

TaN00Ki 20th May 2005 10:54


Originally posted by koensa Nintendo : not much info leaked + not so powerfull specs [/b]
That's where u got it all wrong: there ARE info leaked, just u didn't see them, and Nintendo never was into the "most powerful" policy, and they are still in the run today

kristos 21st May 2005 00:22

why choose? ;p

honestly I don't know yet, I have a ps2 now but I don't use it, it's primary reason was to keep my brother from the pc :grin:

an xbox seems nice but then again so does a htpc :) (a lot more fuss with the htpc though if I have to go on my dads experience :))

jmke 21st May 2005 14:09

my XBOX is my HTPC; I use it for DVD,DIVX,Streaming Audio and sometimes.. games


Stone 22nd May 2005 10:40

I have an XBOX and a PS2 in the house, and I go through stages of either... but I think in the long run, if I were to chose ONE of those offered in the poll... it would have to be the leader in CD gaming, or at least the ones that got the ball REALLY rolling...

Drum roll please...



GIBSON 22nd May 2005 23:04

meh, i'd buy neither, i'd rather spend the money on some computer parts or a htpc

jmke 24th May 2005 18:19

Da_BoKa 24th May 2005 18:48

it looks like always "maanverbanden'

Sarcastro 29th May 2005 23:46

GTA - Tekken - Metal Gear - Gran Turismo.
PS of course.

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