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jmke 19th March 2009 12:22

X58 Roundup: Seven $200-300 Core i7 Boards
This instead turned out to be one of the most interesting roundups in recent memory, and for all the wrong reasons. Of the ten candidates previously committed to today’s feature, one manufacturer forgot to send a sample, another missed our submission deadline, and the sample from a third manufacturer never even reached POST (Power-On Self-Test) in spite of several attempts to get it running with different processors, RAM, and graphics cards. If those sound like mundane issues, perhaps you’ll find it interesting that one of the remaining samples couldn’t live up to the power demands of Core i7 overclocking without resetting, another model that lacked such protection suffered catastrophic failure, and a third sample died so spectacularly that it killed our favorite CPU in the process.,2252.html

jmke 19th March 2009 12:25

reviewer failure or bad luck? He tried two Asrock X58 mobo's and killed both; Massman pushed it to 222BCLK without 903

Massman 19th March 2009 12:31

Not sure what the reviewer tried to accomplish with this board, but it seems it's not the board but the reviewer. Killing two samples is very unlikely to be 'just' bad luck.

Rutar 19th March 2009 14:45

that is just too much dam money for a motherboard

Where is the i7 motherboard for people with only 1 optical drive, 2 HDs and a single GPU (that make up 80% of all users)?

Massman 19th March 2009 14:47

There are already many products available under €200

jmke 19th March 2009 14:53


Originally Posted by Rutar (Post 233542)
Where is the i7 motherboard for people with only 1 optical drive, 2 HDs and a single GPU (that make up 80% of all users)?

i7 is not for those people;)
Core i5 will be for those, with P55 mobo's

Rutar 19th March 2009 16:44

Which is a waste of time because its only marginally faster than 775 (afterall, it should not cannibalitze 7 which wasn't the A64 like heavy hitter to begin with), where plenty of good motherboards and CPUs are available for not much money.

jmke 19th March 2009 17:00

? afaik Nehalem is clock for clock faster than Core 2 Duo; so imagine a Dual Core with HT enabled with lower power footprint, DDR3 and you got a platform which lands in between current S775 and Core i7.

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