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jmke 19th January 2009 16:45

Windows 7 BETA vs Windows Vista SP1 SSD Performance Compared
The topic of SSDs itself is rather interesting, but when you team up the increasingly popular flash memory technology with Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7, things move up to the next notch on the excitement level - for us around here, anyway - but probably you too, if you are reading this.

We have gotten hold of the Windows 7 BETA and today we are going to compare the performance of single SSD as well as RAID 0 SSD in W7 and Vista SP1. Keep in mind this is just a first look; Microsoft may still and probably will provide further performance optimizations for SSDs under the final shipping version of W7 and this is merely a look at the performance difference so far. We didn't even install any new drivers on our W7 beta install - just ran with what was built-in, so it is a good raw look at things currently as they stand.

Kougar 19th January 2009 17:13

Hm, no file copy or real world program tests, just HD Tune. : /

jmke 19th January 2009 17:17

those benchmarks are indeed no good to show any possible advances;
Anandtech method to manually time file copies while doing other tasks would be the best approach

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