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jmke 8th July 2008 19:31

Why All PC Enthusiasts Owe Thanks To ATi
Even if you still "nsist on NVIDIA" you should take heed here - because of ATI's efforts, you can now pay HUNDEREDS less for your next NVIDIA-based mainstream GPU. That's right folks, ATI's 4850 and 4870's have kicked NVIDIA in the nuts so hard that it has been forced to drastically lower prices on most of its entire line-up - and that's great for ALL consumers.

I'm a huge fan of high-end graphic GPUS - so don't hear me wrong; however, this market and any other market need an occasional product that helps reposition the industry's take on how its products are priced. $600+ for a video card when you can get an ENTIRE game console for well under $400? mid=52

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