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jmke 9th January 2009 18:30

What You Should Expect from the Windows 7 Beta
If you haven't already heard, the Windows 7 Public Beta is going to be released today through the Microsoft website, and the first 2.5 million people to register with Microsoft will receive access to the Beta 1 version. Today we'll run through the features and what you should expect.

I've been using the beta for a couple of weeks, and yesterday I got my hands on the official Beta 1 release, which is good enough to use on a regular basis if it wasn't for the hard cut-off date… yes, the beta release has an expiration date on August 1st 2009, after which it will stop working.

If you wanted to sum up Windows 7 in a few words: it's Windows Vista with a few new features and almost all the annoyances and bugs removed… and a really shiny coat of paint. It's impressive, so we'll hop straight into the screenshots.

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