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jmke 13th July 2009 13:16

Western Digital RE4-GP 2TB Enterprise Hard Disk in RAID 0
The two terabyte mark worked out well for Western Digital and consumers instantly fell in love with the new ultra high capacity product. The only real downside was price, but as we predicted the price fell within a few months making them affordable for enthusiasts and regular Joe Sixpack users alike.

Enterprise users, enthusiasts who like to install enterprise products in their desktops and consumers with small business class NAS servers are always looking for a little more out of their storage devices. For these users Western Digital has built a successful Raid Edition line of products. The RE drives have tighter tolerances from the factory and in the case of the new RE4-GP, improved electronics.

blackened 13th July 2009 15:54

Do their synthetic results at the end seem suspicious to anyone else? Compared to a single drive, how does RAID0 give a 6x performence boost in PCMark Media Center test and a 147x performence boost in the Passmark Database test?

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