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Water-X CPU Water Cooler Water-X CPU Water Cooler
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Water-X CPU Water Cooler
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Old 30th April 2003, 23:37   #51
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Default Re: re;water-x versus slk800u

Originally posted by real.genius
According to the thermalright representatives and the thermalright internet site the only choice for the asus a7v8x mother board is the slk800u and is the only product they recommend and assure me that will work on my asus motherboard. I can send you the thermalright email response if you are not able to find their web site.
they should fire him. we know the slk800u doesn't fit to good on an asus a7n8x, and their website mentions it i think.

Actually in this forum, I have compared the water-x to 4 other cpu coolers finally comparing it to a thermalright cpu cooler to see if I could obtain that reported 30 c cpu temperatures if I would use a thermalright cooler. The 30c cpu temps were not reproducible in any tests I conducted. Perhaps I misunderstood earlier claims.
i, for myself, don't work with cases, to much hassle, so my 'casetemp' is 21C right now. Most people here do use a case, but the VENTILATE it, so their casetemp comes in reach of the roomtemp (no biggie)

And by the way, thermalright does not supply any installation directions with the products they ship, you have to get them from their web site and print them on your own equipment another expense. Water-x sent notes and alot of pictures with their unit even someone as stupid as me can understand pictures.
The slk 800 uses a clip mechanism (same mechanism as standard AMD coolers (boxed/coolermaster/whatever) if someone can't istall one of those without breaking something, he should get another hobby/job.

Stupid could be defined as someone who blindly adheres to technology which clearly underperforms at great expense.
stupid = IQ<85 i believe. or was it 80?

The data suggests that the high priced thermalright, water-x and taisol heat pipes dont really outperform the spire 3000 and dr. thermals which have similar performance and in some cases better than the higherpriced cpu coolers. And although thermal right makes big claims for there cpu cooler the data clearly demonstrates that real world performance lags far behind advertising and reported claims by others especially at higher room temperatures.
anyone who buy a new cpu cooler, and finds himself capable of installing it ( ) knows that you need to ventilate your case, airflow is important. So if your casetemp is 45C or something like that, you're doing something wrong

It looks like the only way you will get 30 c cpu temps with the slk800u is by refrigerating it or running the system in a freezer.

What it really comes down to is HOT AIR...if you produce a lot of hot air then the more hot air you produce will cause higher temperatures of your thermalright or any other air cooler. I guess thats the same as hot air in, equals hotter air out. If the incoming air gets hot enough your air cpu cooler will destroy your cpu.

Suming up, thermalrights slk800u if a very high priced cpu cooler which performs very well in moderate room tempertures whose performance at higher room temperatures is no better than any other air cooler, so my data demonstrates.

Almost all hardware sites who reviewed it said it was the new king of heatsinks, overclockers would love it. And they are right.

And who cares about the cpu temp drop down data from 100% load to 2% load, you should, it is an indication that the heat sink is actually cooling instead of just a massive piece of heat resivour. Some of the heatsinks I tested actually drop 7c very quickly indicating very high cooling efficency which can save and extend the life of any cpu. There is really no reason to raise the cpu temps during 100% load and not to restore them to the starting 2% begining test temperature.
CPU cool = me happy. Don't care if it absorbs the heat rather than disposing it to the surrounding air. As long as the CPU is cool.

Really, its only necessary to present data and let the readers provide there own conclusions based on the data and information they are supplied with.
hey, don't believe us, we're just an independant hardware reviewing site. Ow right, its OUR job to show those data, not yours

cheers, DUR0N
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Old 1st May 2003, 02:10   #52
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Hmm, I'm running zalman CNPS 7000 on a XP 1800+ @ 2600+ (12.5 * 166) and it's running exactly 31C now.

That's a low noise cooler. What would happen if I went all the way on this one.

Off course, I have 5 Papst fans installed (7V) to keep casetemps cool. Case now running 21C (and it's quite a bit colder in my room)

suddenly found out why it was so cool, Project X was uploading data, so the cruncher stopped.
It's 33 now, woohoo big difference.

anyway, something like the entire world thinks you either
a) suck
b) get paid to say (and most likely do) the most stupid things imaginable.

Now go get some [H]Ware and try again.
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