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Sidney 6th May 2005 21:34

UTT Memory IC's Explained
For startes do you know what UTT stands for? It stands for UnTesTed memory IC's. This means that after the IC's were packaged they were NOT speed binned and offer no ratings from the factory. This is done so...


kristos 6th May 2005 22:10

"Outrageous!" he cried.

Sidney 6th May 2005 22:48

Do you know what UTPSU mean?

It means untested Powersupply by any agency. It also means low cost power supply can be sold for $100 and consumers will never find out. Grow up, I say. With 99% of PC components are made in Asia; try getting money from them. Lucky you live in the US where everything can be returned.

I am surprised he didn't cry about AMD and Intel provide no warranty when overclocked :^D

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