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jmke 24th January 2007 11:08

TTIC nPowerTek NPH-K8 Big Heatsink
"The (TTIC) nPowerTek NPH-K8 Big heatsink is a huge low noise cooler, but in fact it's that large size which allows it to operate without too much noise. The nPowerTek NPH-K8 Big is a deceptively simple combination of heat column and aluminum fins, intended for a Socket 754/939/940 AMD Athlon64 processor near you. At the heart of this heatsink is a huge copper cylinder; this is the heat column. The heat column is a 33mm diameter hollow copper cylinder which is vacuum sealed, creating the ideal environment for a special chemical coating on the inside that "superconducts heat axially at a molecular level." The technology works on a related concept to traditional heatpipes, but is physically different and should not be confused with the latter."

jmke 24th January 2007 11:21

His results are nowhere near the same compared to my tests results: 519

the TTIC NPH BIG is on par with the Scythe Ninja and offers a very good noise/performance balance like the Zalman CNPS9700CU.

In his tests the NPH BIG is worse than a stock heatsink? come on...

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