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Sidney 30th May 2006 04:56

Treasures or Trash? 5 PC Cases for Gamers
Case vendors always seek to attract younger buyers with extravagant form factors and outrageous looks. There are, for example, cases geared for gamers that evoke Spiderman or Batman, ready to make themselves at home in a kid's room or a teenager's lair. We look in detail at what five gaming cases, mostly from Asia, offerin in the way of modding fantasy and good 'ole fashioned quality.

jmke 30th May 2006 09:35

some quotes from /.


Want to know why I love Tom's Hardware?

Click here to read more.

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29 pages for five cases? You've got to be kidding!

I would next>>
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gave up. next>>

The article is actualy only 2 pages, the remaining 27 is eye candy on cases that you can go to an actual web store and see. Some are neat though with luminated keyboards and mice. I only looked @ a few pages after the the first 2.

29 pages? No printer-formatted single page? I'd rather not give my wrist an RSI by all that clicking or waste my allotted amount of bandwidth downloading all those ads.

29 Pages?!?

An article like this calls for Anti-Pagination


I'm inclined to think the article itself is trash. Twenty-nine damned pages pages that are all exceedingly short on content, no printer-friendly single page, and oh yeah, ads EVERYWHERE, even when using AdBlock.

Twenty-nine ad-infested non-pages on top of a site run by one of the most arrogant blowhards on the entire net. Give me a fracking break. I clicked next to go to page two, thinking that MAYBE there would be more content on each following page. Boy was I wrong. After seeing that the second page was similarly lacking, I gave up on TFA. No way in hell will I give that web design abortion any more page views (and thus ad impressions).

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