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jmke 17th December 2009 10:58

Thermaltake V9 Black Edition Computer Case review
Whether we like taking part in it or not, gaming is a huge
part of the PC industry. So huge, in fact, that millions are spent each year
for research and development into the latest games. And even more R&D is
spent each year on improving hardware in a way that gaming experience is
improved. Gaming hardware requirements are advancing at a pace like never
before, with games like Crysis constantly pushing the latest hardware to its
limits. The chassis market must also keep up with the ever changing demands
of even the most casual gamer, as well as satisfying the needs of the
hardcore enthusiast. Like most gaming cases already available on the market,
a gaming case must have two things. Firstly, adequate cooling -- which is
required to provide good airflow to hot running, and maybe even overclocked,
computer parts. Secondly, it must be aesthetically pleasing, because let's
face it -- no one wants to have the most expensive hardware available put in
a case that they're embarrassed to show on their desk. This is where
Thermaltake comes in. Today, we'll be looking at the Thermaltake V9 Black
Edition. As the name suggests, this is an all black version of the
Thermaltake V9. Will this case provide the cooling and aesthetic balance that
gamers need, or will it be too pricey to appeal to even the casual gamer?
Will Thermaltake succeed or fail in winning the hearts of casual and hardcore
gamers alike? Read on to find out!

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