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jmke 24th July 2005 20:40

Thermaltake Armor Case
The Armor is a little like the Thermaltake version of the CM Stacker at a first glance. It has a whopping 10 5.25" drive bays (one is already occupied at the bottom, as you will see below), one dedicated external 3.5" bay at the top, and one additional external 3.5" bay (there is a 5.25" to 3.5" conversion bracket inside the case that lets you use one of the 5.25" bays as a 3.5"). Inside the case there is a 3-to-3 conversion bracket which converts 3 5.25" bays to 3 3.5" hard drive bays, and a separate cage (completely independent of the front section) which houses an additional 3 3.5" hard drives. Very few people are ever going to run out of space in a case like this...

Storage freaks aren't the only ones with good news: the Armor weighs in at just 16.5lbs-- enough to qualify as a "lightweight" case in our criteria. While this case may be big (21 x 8.5 x 22, H x W x D), it's not going to weigh you down too much on your next LAN trip.

Our review sample is the silver version, but Thermaltake also produces an identical black version of this case. However, neither version is available without a window. You can view the full spec sheet here at the Thermaltake website.

The Armor has an interesting door-like feature...these two "shields" on the sides open up to give access to your drive bays. Kind of silly and pointless if you ask me, however, look closely and you'll see that it has easily removable hinges. Needless to say, this would be the first "modification" I'd do to this case.

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