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Sidney 15th May 2005 19:57

Thermalright XP-90C "Copper" Heat Sink
This XP-90C from Thermalright is a good performance CPU heat sink. This
CPU heat sink is an ideal choice for those users who wish for the stylish
look and extreme cooling performance. Not only that, the performance of
the XP-90C heat sink is very good as you can notice in the performance
section. But, there is always a downside which is the size of this cooler,
it is heavy!. However, it might not be a problem as long as the cooling
performance is good. Furthermore, the entire housing of the XP-90C heat
sink is made of copper. Go for this XP-90C heat sink if you are looking
for a good performance CPU cooler. This was a great heat sink from

Link :

jmke 15th May 2005 22:51

7 pages for 1 heatsink.. omfg!

I put 10 heatsinks on 14 pages:p imagine if I used 7 pages for each heatsink... nobody would read that article;

Sidney 15th May 2005 23:00

They will, only when their mother-in-laws come visit.:D

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