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jmke 17th December 2008 16:43

Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Copper Cooler
Heatsink coolers for computer hardware components have been around for ages now. Stock coolers are adequate for the vast majority of PC owners, and for the most part they are sufficient to get the job done. Not to mention a free cooler that comes with your CPU is still a free cooler. Yet those seeking to preserve the lifespan of their hardware or especially want to unlock untapped performance through overclocking will scoff at the notion of using a stock cooler, and rightly so.

Amongst aftermarket coolers there are the usual economical, performance, and no-holds-barred categories, and the cooler in this review most definitely is targeted at the no-holds-barred enthusiast that wants the best performance regardless of price. Of course, those simply wishing to own one of a very limited edition, high-performing, and flashy cooler to proudly display in their windowed PC during LAN parties might also crave a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Copper and be willing to spring for it.

Regardless of why and especially regardless of practicality for such a cooler, Thermalright has decided to trump even their mostly-aluminum Ultra 120 Extreme by releasing a full copper version. The Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme has made a name for itself and is often regarded as one of the top best air coolers currently on the market, so an all copper version has the potential to offer even better performance.

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