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jmke 3rd June 2009 14:24

Thermalright Shows off new High End CPU Coolers
Thermalright's new flagship, Cyclone. And an update on the coming successor
to Ultra 120 eXtreme.
"First out is Cyclone. A new massive piece shaped like a high cylinder where
special fan is lowered into the heatsink. Six heatpipes are used to move the
heat up to the 150x150mm heatsink. Cyclone measures L152 x W152 x H160
mm, making it a quite big cooler. "

Thermalright Venomous X. creation called Venomous X. It is an upgrade of Ultra 120 eXtreme that also fits socket 1366 and comes without fan. The thing makes it better than Ultra 120 eXtreme is that it comes with a mirror finish contact surface and a V shaped cut-out for improved airflow. Venomous X is just as big as Ultra 120 eXtreme and weighs about as much, 785 gram, and has the same amount of heatpipes, six.

All of you who loved IFX-14 (don't blame you) but were sad to find out it
was too big for your case we have the perfect solution: Arrow-14. A slightly
smaller version but still with four heatpipes and the possibility of mounting up
to three 140mm fans. It mounts on Socket 1366/775/AM2/AM2+.

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