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jmke 19th August 2008 08:56

Thermal Paste Roundup August 2008
t has been over a year since we've reviewed thermal paste.
With the previous presented to us being Arctic Cooling's excellent MX-2
thermal compound in July 2007 and reviewed August 2007 -- it was, no doubt,
excellent thermal paste; and were able to achieve a score of 8.1/10 on our
Number Ratings. Thermal paste may seem so insignificant -- it can be easily
overlooked to an extent that many people simply buy what they've heard of the
most, and not necessarily what is the best. Thermal paste may 'seem' to be
all the same with each other; but each is actually quite unique with
different companies making different formulas for synthetic compounds or
metal compounds. But all serves the same purpose to allowing better transfer
between the cooled device and the cooler; filling microscopic valleys in
surfaces that has microscopic imperfections to maximize heat transfer
efficiency at its source. Today, we will be looking into several different
brands of claimed 'high performance' thermal paste and see which one performs
the best. Our four-way competition today includes the 'classic' Arctic Silver
5, our previous winner Arctic Cooling MX-2, the price competitive Tuniq TX-2,
and the NT-H1 paste from silent PC enthusiasts' favorite company Noctua.

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