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jmke 28th September 2007 12:15

Team Fortress 2 Beta GPU Performance
At 1600X1200 the 8800 cards are still around 100 FPS while the 8600GTS is knocked down below 50. The 2600XT edges out the 8600GT by a frame at 34. On the DX9 side the X1900XTX again looks good at 70FPS, and the 7900GTX trails it by 10. The 1950Pro and 7900GT are also seperated by 10. It certainly seems that the 1900 series is looking good in TF2. Again the 6800GT is last, but it closes the gap with the 7600GT here.

Wrigleyvillain 28th September 2007 16:17

Yeah I maintain around 60 fps at 1920x1200 with 2x FSAA. I'm very impressed with the performance at that resolution, especially considering i only have 256 MB VRAM.

jmke 28th September 2007 17:42

Even at 1600x1200 8xHQAA/16xAF FPS doesn't drop below 88fps with a 8800GTX, the game looks excellent, and is addictive, I played Quake TF for years, daily 4~6 hours... TF2 is different, but very accessible and oh so fun.

Soldier on Defense/Offense most my style:)

Kougar 29th September 2007 01:08

Yeah, same with the soldier. Good thing I don't watch any TV:

1920x1200 4xMSAA+16AF all settings on highest quality, averaging 50-60FPS with a 320mb 8800GTS. Game doesn't lag, but does spike to 40FPS worst case... need more VGA ram. :)

Wrigleyvillain 1st October 2007 16:26

Cool Ill have to add you to my friends :)

Wrigleyvillain 2nd October 2007 00:06


Originally Posted by Kougar (Post 156619)
need more VGA ram. :)

Indeed, I'm in the same boat trying to run at native 1920x1200. As such, I just bit the bullet and ordered an HD 2900 Pro 1GB ;-D

jmke 2nd October 2007 00:22

You do know that in less than 2 months NVIDIA launches their next gen,right? :)

Kougar 2nd October 2007 08:16

Och, a HD 2900 1GB??? At that price a 9800GTX would be well worth a few extra months wait... :( one of those is what I am going to be waiting for. OCing the memory on my card got me some higher frames, although 2Ghz was not possible without extra volts.

jmke 2nd October 2007 09:43

these will come in handy (especially RJ script for soldier, and quick build for engy, quick disguise for spy)

Wrigleyvillain 3rd October 2007 00:04


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 156752)
You do know that in less than 2 months NVIDIA launches their next gen,right? :)

Um you all caught the fact I bought a 1GB 2900 Pro, not an XT, right? Cost me $329.

Yes jmke but Im sick of waiting to properly enjoy my 23" LCD and there's always something better just around the corner and Orange Box and Crysis come this month and my X1950 XT still has some decent resale value blah blah blah.

These can be flashed with XT BIOS too!

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