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jmke 14th June 2006 23:05

Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus vs. Thermalright V1 Ultra
Silence is golden. Hardware gets hotter with every new product launch which in return requires larger and better cooling solutions. Fortunately 3rd party manufacturers have noticed that the cooling power and the noise level of stock products are not always enough. Nowadays markets are full of all kinds of silent coolers, cases and other products. Few years ago Zalman was one of the first manufacturers to produce extremely silent, yet high performance CPU-coolers. Since then, the range of silent products have spread to power supplies, fans and VGA-coolers. Today almost every manufacturer have some sort of "silent" product lineup. Heatpipes have boosted efficiency of silent coolers to new levels and even made totally silent cooling possible.

jmke 14th June 2006 23:06

NV 6600GT *might* not be enough to Thermally challenge these heat-pipe coolers ... I think you get away even with passive cooling

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