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jmke 7th May 2004 16:14

Swiftech MCW6000™ waterblock extreme duty liquid cooling solution
Swiftech and Bacatα (European master distributor for Swiftech products) are proud to announce the availability for the MCW6000TM series in Europe.

The MCW6000™ waterblock is an extreme duty liquid cooling solution for high-end microprocessors. Swiftech engineering team focussed on optimizing five essential design features: performance, reliability, compatibility, convenience, and cost.

MCW6000TM Features:

- The inlet centrally located to focus the lowest temperature fluid over the hottest area.
- The precise location and diameter of the inlet are calculated to optimize flow velocity and turbulence, thus accelerating the convection heat transfer into the fluid.
- The waterblock base features a thin pin design (281 pins). This geometry maximizes the surface area exposed to the fluid, and promotes turbulent flow, both factors which also contribute to enhance the convection heat transfer, while exhibiting less overall flow restriction than competing designs.
- The inlet and outlet are 3/8" in diameter, allowing direct use of 3/8" internal diameter tubing (1/2" OD) for good flow rates and reasonably unobtrusive tubing.
- The block is an all C110 copper construction, to exploit the high thermal conductivity characteristics of this metal.

Long term reliability:

- "Monolithic" construction: the base and housing are brazed together, assuring long term joint integrity.
- The copper housing features an unlimited durability compared to acrylic tops used in competing technologies.
- The all copper construction eliminates galvanic corrosion.

- 100% quality control at the assembly line level: each block is factory tested to 25 psi (1.7 bars) to guarantee zero defects.
Compatibility and upgradeability: one size fits all

- The 2.5" x 2.5" form factor enables the same block to be used with all current microprocessors in the Desktop and Server markets, including upcoming products expected to be released by major OEM's within the next 12 months.
- The inlet and outlet are intentionally smooth, to provide compatibility with quick-connect, and hose clamp fittings.
- In many cases, the same block can be reused with different classes of processors, by simply swapping retainer plates, thus reducing the cost of ownership.
Convenience: "Plug-and-Play" installation :

- The MCW6000™ attachment mechanism is plug-end-play and does not necessitate removal of the motherboard.
- Each retention system has been engineered to comply with OEM specifications, and optimize both safety and ease of use during installation.
Cost: Exceptional value :

While the MCW6000™ product line can be regarded as "high end" from a performance standpoint, the design and manufacturing process is mass production oriented to foster economies of scale. This is accomplished without sacrificing the essential performance and quality features demanded by high-performance after-market and OEM users alike.
MCW6000-A: for AMD Duron, MP & XP at 39 €* End user price.
MCW6000-P: for Intel Pentium 4 at 39 €* End user price.
MCW6000-PX: for Intel Xeon at 41 €* End user price.
MCW6000-64: for AMD 64 & Opteron at 41 €* End user price.

A new generation of watercooling kit are also available:

H20-8600-A : for AMD Duron, MP & XP at 217 €* End user price.
H20-8600-P : for Intel Pentium 4 at 217 €* End user price.
H20-8600-PX : for Intel Xeon at 217 €* End user price.
H20-8600-64 : for AMD 64 & Opteron at 217 €* End user price.

H20-22600-A: for AMD Duron, MP & XP at 220 €* End user price.
H20-22600-P: for Intel Pentium 4 at 220 €* End user price.
H20-22600-PX: for Intel Xeon at 220 €* End user price.
H20-22600-64: for AMD 64 & Opteron at 220 €* End user price.

TeuS 7th May 2004 17:12

cool retention mechanism, great price. it won't perform as good as a whitewater but it's prolly a damn good mid-range block :)

jmke 7th May 2004 17:17

in the end, the difference between different waterblocks will be in the 1-5°C region, which is not THAT big a difference in my humble opinion, and at that price it surely beats aircooling by a fair margin, and you'll gain some nice overclocking potential too.

and let's not forget that watercooling will allow you to run a Peltier between your CPU and waterblock, this will bring down load temps quite a bit!:)

add Swiftech's waterchiller and you have one very chilly setup
full review of that unit here:



Well with the system idling I could regularly see -10C coolant temperatures; under heavy load water temperatures rarely rose above freezing.
That translates to overclocked CPU temperatures under load of well below room temperature.


Originally posted by TeuS
cool retention mechanism,
Swiftech has always been up front with this, providing easy installation, their latest heatsinks can be installed on either P4/AXP in less then 2minutes :)

The Senile Doctor 7th May 2004 17:34

waterchiller suxx, we need that in a little box, then it'll be cool, this wiring madness is not

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