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jmke 10th January 2011 12:54

Super Talent Now Shipping New UltraDrive MT SSD
Super Talent's UltraDrive SSDs are built to deliver cutting edge storage performance. We combine state-of-the-art controllers with high speed cache and off-the-shelf SLC and MLC NAND flash to deliver sequential read and write speeds in excess of 200MB/sec. Whether you need exceptional transaction speeds for a database server or super fast sequential read and write speeds for a high performance laptop or desktop, the UltraDrive has you covered.

All UltraDrive SSDs are rigorously qualified in Super Talent's compatibility labs with strict hardware and software testing standards for consistency and functionality. UltraDrive SSDs incorporate advanced error correction (ECC), wear leveling and bad block management technologies to ensure unmatched reliability and exceptional endurance. These SSDs also have far better shock and vibration resistance, support broader operating temperature and altitude ranges, and use a fraction as much power compared to hard disk drives.

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