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jmke 2nd December 2005 17:58

Star Wars: Battlefront II
The sequel has a lot to live up to though. What the first Battlefront DIDN'T do is pretty obvious. The game had very little going for it as a single player experience, the bots were dumb, and the missions were boring. Without the online play the game would have been a complete wash. With online play on a good server the fights between snow speeders and AT-ATs were a good way to raise the ol' heartbeat and it made up for a lot of what the single player game was lacking.

So here are the challenges for Battlefront 2: give us something that will make us want to play single player. Make the bots smarter. Give us some cool Star Wars stuff we haven't seen before, and for the love of Mundi we're going to want at some point to wield a light saber—that nonplayable hero crap from the first game has got to go. There are easy ways to make a Star Wars gamer happy, and these should have been easy fixes. How well did they do?

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