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Sidney 16th May 2005 17:53

SLI won't work with Microsoft Windows 2000
WE LEARNED ONE more thing about Nvidia SLI drivers. Windows 2000 users may not like the fact that SLI won't work on this operating system. As a matter a fact it will never work on W2K. I don't think it's impossible to make it run but it would require too much engineering work and not many people use Windows 2000 anyway, presumably the argument goes.
It's odd that Nvidia says that its driver works under Windows 2000 and Windows XP but when you install SLI on Win2K you will simply fail to make it work. When asked, Nvidia said that there are no plans for Windows 2000 support unless it changes its mind.

It turns out that Nvidia SLI is a Windows XP marchitecture only and I wonder whether this dual card marchitecture work on new Windows 2003 server like operating systems. Thatís something to ponder.

However, Nvidia will always say that if you want to play you have to use Windows XP and thatís it. Will ATI make its Multi rendering work on Win 2K? I highly doubt it. Ķ

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