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piotke 4th January 2003 20:01

Silence your harddrive
2 bad I don't understand it ...

jmke 4th January 2003 20:11

there are some danish <> english translators floating around the web

let me see if I can find them :)

BlackRabbit 4th January 2003 20:23

The text is quite readable

jmke 4th January 2003 20:30

I've lively me awhile better by the TES 1352A støjmåler i've borrower from http:/ and to the try at that appoint the roar from mine harddisks have i got some correct noticeable measurement.

Harddisks delegates globally two various types noise.
The alone be owing herself they revolving diskettes/ the engine, and treats the recognizing ”hylende” sound, while the duck be owing seek/læsehovedernes movements.
I'll here primary glance awhile at dæmpning from ”rotationsstøjen”, when the most recent harddisks no delegates synderlig highly ”søgestøj”, and moreover is a constantly rotationsstøj why far better bothersome than a periodic søgestøj.

I used subsequent three harddisks:
Maxtor DiamondMax Advantage 40 (7200 RPM)
Samsung SV1364D (5400 RPM)
Quantum Fireball LOOK (5400 RPM)


Ultimate collation i noisy by the disk just placed above a little papkasse, their ”egenstøj”.
Thereafter assemble i they to a 3.5” border to something cheap cabinet. The cabinet were tomt and could therefore yet worse luck act as ”slavehøjttaler” – so mine measurement is therefore anything there approximately ”worst case”.
Another measurement were by the disk placed to a hylster to videobånd ( inexpensive however reasonably effective støjdæmpning – alas proves the disk fairly hot there).
A fourth measurement were placing to the bin to a aged CDROM drives, after awhile skumgummi, and whole hog the cork into testkabinettet.
Last test were by the disk suspended to awhile rubber from the hose to a bildæk.


The background noise laying at round 28-29 dB, and all measurement is performed at a distance from 30 cm.


There's some there assert that ophængning to gummislanger vil boost søgetiden by identically harddisk ( and dermed restrict ydelsen). I've sometime tried that validate that claim, known that gauge søgetiden by a harddisk respectively assemble to a 3.5” border and placed absolved above a combination from luftfyldte pillow and skumgummi. The differences wasn't distinct very likely to that conclude forth from.
I tried after straight again, by a Maxtor Advantage 9 that secondary master at DT11.
(Shuttle AK35GT2, XP1800+ clocket that XP2000+, 166 MHz FSB)


A average alteration from søgetiden at 03, milliseconds? Possibly, possibly no – no signifikant very likely to that conclude anything forth from.

I tried too straight some measurement by Sisoft True, however she treats too ( that usual) some harddisk outputs there varies too much to that decent can be conclude anything forth from they, at any rate known so little differences that here.

Certainly, i was særdeles aback by they here outputs. Noisy from engine and lease-holder increased that that ses between 5 and 7 dB ( at 30 cm. distance), answers to something along the lines of a firedobling from lydtrykket, just known that assemble they to they there estimated 3.5” catching, so that can be clearly real pay for themselves that make use of awhile age and evt. bread at that assemble identically harddisks at a worse luck moderation.

That ses too that the velkendte and correct widespread ”gummislangemetode” is særdeles effective, and when the why too is whole inexpensive that execute can be the no is recommended very likely.

That sole hangup i immediate can be look known gummislanger is that they can be ”mørne” awhile that the time goes, and of which decent is unfortunate can be they therefore snap known hårdhændet dealing amid transport – so grip straight and med yours suspended ante TO moves much too highly round by machines

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