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jmke 14th June 2005 11:41

Sharkoon Silent Eagle Case Fan
Silent PC
Case fan with golf ball surface structure
new rotor blade design: dimples optimize airflow / 1000 rpm and 2000 rpm models available

CaseMod(TM) manufacturer Sharkoon presents a new case fan with a completely unique design: the rotor blades of the Sharkoon Silent Eagle have the same surface structure as a golf ball. The blades are covered by small round depressions, which golfers refer to as "dimples". These slight concavities markedly improve airflow as well as reducing the noise level.

A golf ball with dimples has a trajectory four times as long as that of a smooth-surfaced ball. Without delving too deeply into the mysteries of fluid mechanics: while in flight, air circulates in the grooves, building local turbulences. These effectively wrap the ball in a cushion of air, reducing air resistance and helping to keep it aloft longer. The same principle has been in operation in nature for millions of years in the dispersion of plant pollens -- and now in the Sharkoon Silent Eagle as well, allowing for a notedly greater airflow volume with the same rpms.

The Sharkoon Silent Eagle is available in two versions: the Silent Eagle 1000 generates an airflow of 19.3 cu. m / h at 1000 rpm, while the noise level remains at a comfortable 8.9 dB(A). The Silent Eagle 2000 rotates at 2000 rpm and moves 38.5 cu. m of air per hour. At a noise level of 17.8 dB(A), this model performs extraordinarily quietly as well.

In addition to the blades, Sharkoon also optimized the fan's frame with rounded edges designed to improve air intake. The 80 mm case fan has a white propeller and black frame and comes with a robust metal sleeve bearing and a universal connection cable (3-pin as well as 4-pin plus a separate connection line for fan rpm monitoring) encased in a protective sleeve of rubberized fabric. Four fan screws and rubber bolts for vibration-free mounting inside the housing are also included in delivery.

In case of further questions or to request photos or graphical materials, feel free to contact us or go to

Rutar 14th June 2005 12:07

No 120mm?

Faiakes 14th June 2005 12:21

Sounds (no pun intended) excellent, but as Rutar said, no 120mm ?

My case doesn't have a single 80mmm fan on it!

I'd like to see these babies go against the much renount Coolermaster Aluminium 120mm, with 56.10 CFM at 23 db.

Faiakes 14th June 2005 12:23

The Sharkoon company is improving rapidly from a copy cat company to a developer. That is good news indeed.

GIBSON 14th June 2005 19:50

nice, very nice, hope to see more manufacturers jumping on that train, and indeed, an 120 mm would be nice, but that will be in the making i think, if it isn't already finished

GIBSON 14th June 2005 19:52

hmm, no word to be found about it on their site, strange

Rutar 15th June 2005 11:25


Originally posted by Faiakes
I'd like to see these babies go against the much renount Coolermaster Aluminium 120mm, with 56.10 CFM at 23 db. [/b]
those numbers don't impress me

It would have to beat the GLL from POapst and the SX1 from Noiseblocker. Those are the real deal for quietfreaks.

Still waiting for AC to release a ceramic bearing 120mm fan, that would own and it would be cheap enough to use multiple ones for the case.

jmke 15th June 2005 16:44

> Madshrimps: is there are a larger sized fan planned? (120mm)
> Sharkoon: Yes 120mm is planned!

wutske 15th June 2005 16:57

looks nice, but, 9db(a) ? Impossible, that's 200 times (?) quieter than environemental noise ???

jmke 15th June 2005 17:08

measured, most likely, in sound proof room.

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