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jmke 30th March 2006 19:41

Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000 120mm Cooling Fan
Remember back during the days of XP mobile processor overclocking, when it was necessary to have a high spinning fan like a Delta or equivalent. Yes, those days are far behind us now. Today we donít have to pump loads of voltage in our processors nor do have to resort to using loud 80mm case fan. Today, we have larger 120mm, slower spinning, noiseless and high CFM fans. Sharkoon was kind enough to send us their latest offering into the 120mm cooling fan market, the Silent Eagle.

jmke 30th March 2006 19:43


Good airflow at low rpm
how does he know; no tests were done; no noise testing, no performance testing?

make me wonder why I spend hours on end measuring the performance and noise levels of different fans when all I needed to do was post 7 photo's and say at the end : "good fan".

Sidney 30th March 2006 20:37

Because they are the Pros; go by senses ;)

jmke 30th March 2006 20:38

woops, must have overlooked that, nice catch there lazyman.

Rutar 30th March 2006 21:01

Maybe send a Sharkoon a mail with the roundup and this review and ask why they sent them the fan?

jmke 30th March 2006 21:05

I have contact with Sharkoon EU; they are US; different department, other people.

Sidney 30th March 2006 23:15

Remember the Q&A ABC I posted ;)

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