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jmke 20th June 2005 21:04

Scythe SCNJ-1000 Ninja heatsink
Scythe has been developing large fanless heatsinks that employ heatpipes for quite some time. Their original NCU-1000 found favor with many silent PC enthusiasts. The follow-up, the NCU-2000, was an improved version of the same heatsink.

Their latest kick at the fanless can is another tall heatpipe device with a loosely spaced fins structure. Unlike the earlier NCU series, which were made only to fit socket 478, the Ninja can be used with all modern desktop CPU platforms. It is more extreme than anything Scythe has put out before.

Scythe heatsink designs have always been unique. The Ninja, in some ways, is almost conventional by Scythe standards, with no dramatic twists or departures from their previous designs. But it's bigger. A lot bigger. It may not be the biggest HS you can find in the enthusiast PC cooling market today, but it's not far off.

[M] review roundup:

Rutar 21st June 2005 14:53

I especially like the bottom view with all the pipes and the base.

but still not tested with 4 fans :(

it has to be done just because IT CAN BE DONE

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