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jmke 8th June 2006 08:57

Sapphire Ultimate x1600 PRO 256MB Graphics Card
So if you are in the market for a good graphics card and don't want to break the bank, give the Sapphire Ultimate X1600 PRO a try. It's a good quality card that will play just about any of the games currently out today. For the traveling LAN goers, I would suggest removing the card before you travel since this thing weighs A LOT

jmke 8th June 2006 11:19

When picking parts for an HTPC assembly one of the most important parameters to consider is noise. I have spent several nights lying in bed wondering what part of my bedroom HTPC is making that annoying whine or click. One of the worst offenders are those cute little turbo-charged fans they put on our video cards. Well Sapphire has heard our equaly loud plea for silence and delivered what looks to be a nearly ideal solution for entertainment PCs. Enter the Sapphire Ultimate X1600 Pro, the latest addition to their Ultimate Silent Series line of cards.

jmke 8th June 2006 11:19

Today I will be reviewing Sapphire's latest x1600pro mainstream videocard which is more or less just like their standard version with a tweaked, low noise heatpipe cooling solution. Stay tuned, if you are in the market for a quiet mainstream videocard, this card might be perfect for you machine

jmke 8th June 2006 11:21

Sapphire dubs it as the Ultimate Edition, replete with double-sided heatsink and near-silent operation. If you've got around 100 to spend on a midrange PCIe graphics accelerator today this abbreviated review will be of special interest to you. Read on to find out if we thought it was ultimate enough.

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