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jmke 11th February 2005 10:15

Sapphire Toxic X700 Pro and X800 Review

With all of the recent NVIDIA reviews we thought it was about time for an ATI review. More specifically the Sapphire Toxic X700 Pro. When we start talking about the Sapphire toxic cards there are really two things that come to mind. One is the extremely odd cooler bolted to the top of the card. The other is a little something called A.P.E. which I will discuss later. With these two things in mind and the GPU core as a base with 128MB of GDDR3 memory you get one sweet video card.

When I crack open the innards of this X800 I discover what appears to be an average video card bundle... Upon first glance I see the manual, S-Video cable, dvi-vga adapter, RCA-S-Video adapter, driver cd, Power DVD, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, and Prince of Persia. I have got to talk to video card marketing and ask them why always Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell. However the bundle is only the icing on the cake when you buy a video card. The best part is the actual card! One thing unimportant thing I like about Sapphires cards is their packaging. Sapphire uses a nice plastic form that is very easy to unpack and repack. It also prevents the card from moving around inside of the box.

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