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jmke 5th February 2008 09:40

Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 512MB Atomic
The cheapest we’ve found the card for is £188 (inc. VAT) on Dabs, which is on the expensive side, but it sounds easier to stomach than the £200 other retailers are expecting customers to pay for this graphics card. Sapphire was quick to point out that the card is a limited edition—more of a technology showcase if you will—than a card it expects everyone to rush out and buy.

What we can take away from this though is the fact that there has been some true innovation here—something that we don’t see all that often from add-in board partners. The technology that Sapphire has showcased here is nothing short of awesome – it not only looks good on paper, but also works incredibly well in practice as it managed to knock ten degrees off the load temperatures of a reference Radeon HD 3870! What’s more impressive though is the fact that Sapphire’s card is running at much higher clock speeds than the reference card.

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