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jmke 13th December 2005 17:21

Sapphire Promises More Affordable X800 GTO2 Graphics Cards
Sapphire Technology, one of the worlds largest makers of graphics cards, recently said it plans to manufacture more RADEON X800 GTO2 graphics cards which have become extremely popular among enthusiast as they could easily be modified into high-performance RADEON X850 XT products.

We have had so much positive reaction to that card that we decided to make some more. We will be releasing them shortly and as far as I know they are even better than the last ones, an official for Sapphire said.

The RADEON X800 GTO2 comes with specifications similar to those of the rest RADEON X800 GTO graphics cards 12 pixel processors, 6 vertex processors, 400MHz clock-speed of graphics chip and 256MB of 980MHz GDDR3 memory. The difference between the GTO2 and GTO graphics cards is that the former are based on the R480 graphics chips and appropriate print-circuit board (PCB) that features power connector, whereas the latter are built upon R430 chip with lower overclocking potential.

Enthusiasts and overclockers adored the Sapphire RADEON X800 GTO2 graphics cards as they could be easily modified into fully-fledged RADEON X850 XT. In order to do so advanced users needed to flash appropriate BIOS and then overclock the board. The improvement in performance was substantial, as the RADEON X850 XT is substantially faster than the RADEON X800 GTO.

Price of the RADEON X800 GTO2 should be in the range of $250 and availability is planned to be worldwide.

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