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jmke 7th October 2009 15:15

Sapphire HD 4650 AGP
Somehow though some twist of fate, AGP seems to just keep going. Despite the old standard being replaced by PCIE (currently being replaced by PCIE 2.0) there never seems to be a shortage of AGP cards. Up to this point there really hasn't been an extremely good AGP card. The ATI X1950 and Nvidia 7950 GT are still considered the kings of the AGP bus. That is until the 3850 which took over the crown, but the 3850 consumes much more power than the 4650. While the 4650 is considered a mid range card it manages to outpower these old behemoths. If you still own either a 1950, 7950 GT, or a 3850 then there isn't a whole lot of sense in upgradeing to this card since your better off buying a whole new system, but it may be an option for someone out there running on an older AGP card. At least this upgrade will give you more frames in game to make it playable.

While AGP can still be considered dead some of you will upgrade once again, and give manufacturers a reason to keep on makeing AGP cards. All of you AGP users please read on, and maybe consider an upgrade to PCIE already!

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