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jmke 28th April 2006 12:36

Samsung Spinpoint SP2504C Hard Drive
Quick and Quiet" is what Samsung has dubbed their latest P120 series hard drives. With the recent 'boom' of HTPCs and the drive (no pun intended) for fast and silent computing, Samsung aims to deliver. Let's take a look at Samsung's flagship 250GB SP2504C hard drive to see if it delivers on its promises.

Rutar 28th April 2006 16:45

well, there is a simple conlusion:

best SATAII drive in it's size

jmke 28th April 2006 16:49

SATAII doens't exist:)

DUR0N 28th April 2006 19:21


Originally posted by jmke
SATAII doens't exist:)
SATA II drives don't exist (yet), the standard itself does I think.

jmke 29th April 2006 10:34

no... seriously SATA II does not exist!


"The first step toward a better understanding of SATA is to know that SATA II is not the brand name for SATA's 3Gb/s data transfer rate, but the name of the organization formed to author the SATA specifications. The group has since changed names, to the Serial ATA International Organization, or SATA-IO." - SATA-IO,

The three main misconceptions are that:

* "SATA II" has now been renamed to SATA-IO
* SATA-IO must support 3Gbps transfers
* SATA-IO must support features like NCQ and Hot Plug

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