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jmke 18th April 2007 08:26

Samsung and Dell 30inch LCD Widescreen Monitors
It has been a year since our first test of 30inch monitors. If, at the time we thought that they were only reserved for a few people, today it is a completely different story. The ''always bigger race' is back. Has been, 19inch monitors have been replaced by similarly priced 20inch, who in turn have been overrun by 22inch monitors released at less than 300 euros. So why settle for a small monitor? For the bigger competitors, 23 and 24inch monitors are threatened imminent extinction by 26 and 27inch. The problem of the latter is that even if they are found at approximately the same prices they havefull HD panels with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, which results in a big pitch (up to 0,303 mm with the 27inch). However, some users want to have a large monitor and more information displayed such as spreadsheet columns, graphic tools, and games and not necessarily bigger text.

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