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jmke 10th March 2005 09:53

Samsung 193P 19’ LCD monitor
“The display portion is less than one inch thick; this has to be one of the
thinnest displays on the market. Compared to Samsung’s 710N which we
reviewed recently, this item is a vast improvement. The 710N was
considerably thicker because it had a power supply built inside the monitor,
whereas the 193P has an external power supply. Not only does this help keep
the monitor’s dimensions down to a minimum, it reduces the heat very
effectively. Interestingly, the 193P doesn’t have a special ventilation
holes to expel the hot air. Nevertheless I was surprised to find that the
panel temperature was incredibly low even after 3 to 5 hours of heavy usage.

If we turn our attention to the back, we notice that the back of the monitor
has a more modern approach, striving for simplicity. It has an even cleaner
look compared than the front. The white shell that covers the rear element
on the LCD monitor makes the appearance even better than the front. Need we
mention again that the choice of white gives it an Apple Mac resemblance?
The center of the monitor has a rotational mechanism which allows the user
to change to landscape viewing. And the dual hinge stand seems to be
covered inside, thus blending in naturally. “

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