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jmke 22nd May 2006 16:34

RivaTuner 2.0 RC16 released - adds 7600/7900 Series Support
RivaTuner is the most powerful tweaking utility for NVIDIA display adapters running under Windows 98 / Windows 98 SE / Windows ME / Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The purpose of this utility is to give you access to all the undocumented features of the Detonator drivers. All versions of the Detonator drivers have a lot of undocumented registry entries. Some of them don’t affect anything, but there are some that are very useful.

jmke 22nd May 2006 16:34

• Added ForceWare 84.xx and 87.xx driver families support.
• Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added databases for ForceWare 82.12, 83.40, 83.90, 84.11, 84.12, 84.17, 84.20, 84.21, 84.25, 84.26, 84.29, 84.43, 84.56, 84.66, 87.08 and 87.25 drivers.
• Added Catalyst 6.1 - 6.5 drivers detection.
• Added Catalyst 6.1 - 6.5 certified SoftR9x00 patch script (32-bit version only).
• Added support for AGP display adapters equipped with NV41, NV42 and NV47 GPUs with HSI PCIE-to-AGP bridge (GeForce 6800GS AGP and GeForce 7800GS AGP series).
• Added NVIDIA G71, G72 and G73 graphics processors support. Thanks to Andrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner with NVIDIA GeForce 7300, 7600 and 7900 series.
• Added GPU alias names support. Now RivaTuner's hardware database may contain alias names for GPU families, using different internal and marketing codenames (e.g. NV47 / G70, NV49 / G71 etc.). RivaTuner will display alias name in hardware identification string in the Main tab and both original / alias names in the diagnostic report.
• Added workaround for certain NVIDIA driver suite libraries, having invalid translation table in version information structure (e.g. nview.dll). Now RivaTuner first tries to access version info via standard translation table then falls back to hardcoded language-specific version storage to retrieve version of such files.
• Added R580 GPU support. Thanks to Peter Yeung @ HIS for providing RADEON X1900XT for testing. Also, big "thanks" goes to FedEx for "losing" one X1900XT sample during transporting, delivering completely empty box instead of hardware and this way delaying software release date. Due to this reason FedEx services will no longer be used for RivaTuner hardware samples delivery. Personal thanks goes to UPS for delivering repeatedly sent sample in time.
• Changed pipeline naming scheme. Now RivaTuner uses "Npp, Nvp" naming scheme for GPUs with no tmu/pp decoupling and "Ntmu" naming scheme for GPUs with decoupled tmu/pp architecture (ATI RADEON X1000 family).
• Unlocked memory clock frequency controls for RV515 GPUs.

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