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jmke 14th April 2010 19:25

Rightware launches new Browser Benchmark
Several months ago, RightWare spun off from FutureMark coporation. The new company will focus on mobile and automotive markets - and yes, they're launching a new browser benchmark today. Recently, we got contacted by Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware and we discussed how the company will develop. Their first publicly launched stand-alone product is BrowserMark, a benchmark intended for cell phones. There are two versions of the benchmark - free version for consumers, while BrowserMark Corporate "enables device manufacturers to evaluate and choose better performing browsers for their products."

wutske 15th April 2010 08:58

Damn, my Athlon XP 1800+ w/ Opera scored 35000 ...
A nexus one scores 23000 and an iPad 38000. Mobile devices are getting faster and faster every day.
My iPaq 614c scored 3127 with Opera Mobile and failed to run with PIE :) .

jmke 15th April 2010 09:12

linkie to benchmark

with FF 3.6: 220596
with Chrome: 542140

A64 3500+@2.2Ghz (through remote connection!)
with FF 3.6: 52667

even using remote desktop outruns iPad; :D

wutske 15th April 2010 09:51

192290 on a C2D T5200@stock using Opera 10.52 :)

IE8 is rubbish, makes my C2D T5200 slower than an iPad: 28437 !

jmke 15th April 2010 10:13

now if only sites actually used all those benchmark features tested;p

wutske 15th April 2010 18:53

That doesn't realy matter at all, it's a benchmark and gives an idea of the overall performance of a webbrowser.
Now that it's available for mobile, it's also very nice to somewhat compare the performance of a mobile device (it's still depends on the browser, but an iPad beating IE8 on a C2D T5200 tells a lot).

Curious when they're going to add HTML5 video to the benchmark :)

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