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jmke 8th June 2009 12:54

Recycled PC: Old Computers with a New Purpose
Frequently, we find that new technological breakthroughs make old hardware that was just fine seem quaint. Be it a race toward higher clock speeds, faster front side buses, multiple cores, etc, computers become disused and replaced. Green attitudes have dissuaded people from tossing out components that are, for all intents and purposes, quite harmful to the environment. Moreover, current operating systems are becoming more power hungry let alone the software that runs on them. What's interesting about these computers is that in many cases they're perfectly usable. id=38

wutske 8th June 2009 13:57

What a coincidence, just salvaged an old PIII 800 and turned it into a multipurpose linux server ^^ .
The good thing is that it hardly consumes energy, it's quiet and linux makes it fly as if it where new.

jmke 8th June 2009 14:36

check power consumption nonetheless, these olds PCs are surprisingly power hungry compared to a recent power-friendly cheapo setup

Kougar 8th June 2009 15:02

Yeah, many only seem to be power misery. Many use ~60-70% efficient PSU's, and PIII's were always hungry for power.

wutske 8th June 2009 15:09

I know they're quit power hungry, I've been looking for a pinmod to undervolt it since undervolting in the BIOS doesn't work :( . So far I've found one, but it's not as easy as expected :/ .

Anyway, got a nice server now and it doesn't have to run 24/7 so power consumption isn't such a big problem :)

wutske 19th June 2009 14:45

Just found out that the cheap Matsonic board has jumpers for settings VID and multiplier. Changing multiplier or FSB doesn't work, so I'm now looking how low it can go at default speed :) .

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