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jmke 20th January 2009 15:43

Raptoxx RT-EBAD1200 Exxtreme 1200W PSU review
When we speak of ultra-high class computer, we usually refer
to one with motherboard having the latest chipset, multiple core
processor, fast memory, video cards in SLI or CrossFire mode and fast
hard drives - all of them quite expensive and power hungry. But the
backbone of any computer is the PSU, and the responsibility for the
well being of all that hardware costing thousands of dollars lies
squarely on its shoulders. Yes, no doubt about it, choosing the right
PSU is very important, so today we will be talking about one such
top-class PSU. One that can improve the overclock results of an
hardware enthusiast due to its enormous power and extremely stable
voltages or to provide inner peace to the fellow that poured the money
equivalent of half new car into computer. In other words - today we're
reviewing Raptoxx Exxtreme 1200W - modular PSU with power efficiency
rating over 80% for maniacs.

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