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jmke 27th December 2007 12:27

Raidmax Aztec Gaming Case Review
Among the first PC cases I reviewed, and the first expensive one (I consider mid-towers over $150USD expensive) was the Raidmax Samurai. Though the chassis was your standard steel tool-free case, it was covered with a streamlined polystyrene shell, with a sprayed-on showcar paint job. It was Raidmax's top of the line gaming case at the time. The shell gave it an all-out modded look, and there wasn't any other pre-modded case on the market that came close. That was four years ago. The Samurai is still undoubtedly the most radical case I have owned, and the friend I gave it to still uses it and still gets favorable comments on it, ranging from admiration to awe. It is the last Raidmax product I had my hands on, so I am looking forward to seeing if the Aztec lives up to my expectations for a Raidmax gaming case, a well-made case that is definitely not boring. I would also hope to see some decent cooling for today's hot CPUs and GPUs. Read on to see if it does.

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