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Stefan Mileschin 7th June 2012 06:27

Qualcomm to maintain Windows Phone exclusivity
Qualcomm will remain the sole supplier of SoC chips for next generation Windows phones.

The outfit’s Snapdragon processor line will continue to dominate the Windows Phone market after Redmond introduces the next version of its plucky OS, dubbed WP8 Apollo.

Although dominating the Windows Phone market is a bit like dominating San Marino or Andorra, the market is slowly expanding.

The Windows Phone ecosystem now boasts 100,000 apps, and although it is still lagging behind iOS and Android, it is starting to catch up.

The first ARM-based Windows tablets should also appear towards the end of the year and it is safe to assume that we will see Qualcomm chips in many, if not all of them.

It is also worth noting that Windows Phone 8 will finally bring dual-core support to the OS.

Looking beyond sheer number crunching, Apollo will enable phone makers to tap additional features available in Qualcomm’s newest chips, including LTE, support for high resolution cameras, advanced graphics and all the benefits of transitioning to 28nm.

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