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jmke 25th March 2008 15:44

Quad SLI with 9800 GX2: Pushing a System to it's Limit
At the same time, that final judgment must include all the facts about what you gain from Quad SLI for the money. If it makes Crysis smooth as butter at Very High settings (it is actually playable even with the 40 average fps system limitation), then that is something. But $1200 for a Crysis accelerator is a bit of overkill. NVIDIA has made the point to me that $1200 spent on graphics cards is better placed than $1200 spent on an Extreme edition CPU. That isnít a particularly compelling argument for us as I donít believe we have ever recommended the purchase of an Extreme edition processor. You certainly donít get what you pay for unless you really need it for a specific CPU heavy workload. Content creation, engineering, math, and workstation applications might be a good fit, but certainly not gaming and especially not in a world where the more Extreme you get the more cores you have.

jmke 25th March 2008 15:51

Crysis is just heavy for CPU and GPU, period. running with either slow CPU or slow GPU will kill performance immediately. Single threaded performance is all that counts, going from SLI>Quad SLI does zilch for your VGA performance; overclocking your CPU 800Mhz hardly improves performance too... just platform bound it seems... with nothing very fast in the near future... we hit a wall ?

Rutar 25th March 2008 16:10

It is certainly pushing a lot of wallets to their limits too.

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