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Massman 1st September 2008 11:34

Price reductions on AMD Athlon X2, AMD Phenom X3 and AMD Phenom X4 desktop CPUs
On Monday, September 1st AMD will make the following price reductions on AMD Athlon® X2, AMD Phenom® X3 and AMD Phenom® X4 desktop CPUs:

(This listing reflects pricing for direct AMD customers in 1000-unit quantities, in US dollars, without local taxes)

Phenom X4 9950 BE 140W: 235 -> 186
Phenom X4 9850 BE: 194 -> 180
Phenom X4 9750: 215 -> 170
Phenom X4 9650: 195 -> 156
Phenom X3 8750: 175 -> 134
Phenom X3 8650: 145 -> 123
Athlon X2 6000+: 112 -> 95
Athlon X2 5600+: 102 -> 88
Athlon X2 5400+: 87 -> 78
Athlon X2 5200+: 76 -> 68

With these price reductions AMD has taken steps to significantly enhance the price/performance of our CPU portfolio and make high-performance AMD Phenom Quad-Core and Triple-Core processors accessible to a wider audience of mainstream PC users.

With this aggressive move, AMD is putting lead-edge microprocessors in hands or more users than ever before and providing an optimal foundation for a balanced platform experience when combined with the AMD 790 FX/GX chipset and ATI Radeon HD 4800 series graphics processors. In addition, with the recent addition of the SB 750 Southbridge to AMD 790 series chipsets users can enjoy an enhanced overclocking experience with AMD’s Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC) capabilities. The ACC feature enables increased headroom and stability when overclocking AMD Phenom CPUs and allows users to further exploit the performance potential of these tremendous products.

With these price reductions AMD is giving users more flexibility than ever before to design platforms with the optimal balance and spend their hard-earned money in the areas that best benefit their PC experience – whether it be gaming, HD multimedia, multi-tasking or a balance of all of the above.

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