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Sidney 5th August 2004 03:58

PolarFLO TT Series CPU Chrome water block
The PolarFLO TT CPU is the latest in pc water cooling technology. We bring you the best performance at much lower flow rates and at high flow rates. The new design is fully comprehensive and future proof. We decided to take a more feature-rich and performance approach with the TT Series. The features this series offers is unprecedented. The PolarFLO TT Series CPU block is a simple two part design. If you can change the batteries in a flashlight, you can service a PolarFLO TT CPU. The main body of the block rotates to relieve stress and deflection on hoses. All the components are available individually. You can take apart the new PolarFLO TT CPU to clean, modify or interchange parts. The PolarFLO TT CPU uses the PolarFLO TT Series Posi-Seal Barbs and Plugs. These Posi-Seal barbs and plugs are easy to interchange. You can get the PolarFLO TT CPU in a 2 port or 3 port configuration. The low profile design will fit into the smallest cases and with the low flow performance, you don't have to worry about your pump-life. The new PolarFLO TT Series CPU water block is the first in the series, which will be the most professional, high-quality, and top performance series available.

Xploited Titan 5th August 2004 04:04

It's beautyful, but way too expensive. And how good is it compared to other stuff, like S-TDX or Cascade?

Sidney 5th August 2004 04:08

I contacted them, if they want review done by [M] should contact jmke.;)

According to what I've read - kicks ***.

Xploited Titan 5th August 2004 04:10

Yup, saw it too, even when adding other blocks to the rig, temperature never increased. But how well will it be in other setups? Not many people have the same blocks, hoses, pumps, etc. as another.

Xploited Titan 5th August 2004 04:11

No edit possible: I want to see the test in dual port, never seen a test with 2 ports...

Sidney 5th August 2004 06:37


How do you top a gold plated waterblock that has an optical finish so fine that you could read a book in the reflection? Hell, how do you even start to think about topping something like that? These are questions that our friends over at PolarFLO were thinking about ever since they released the PolarFLO Super Finish Universal CPU block. They had come up with a block that performs on par with the other big boys, but is available in a myriad of bling-bling colors.

Xploited Titan 5th August 2004 11:13

Already seen it three times, and I never saw the results of dual port :D But thanks anyway.

jmke 5th August 2004 16:53

also reviewed now by

Xploited Titan 5th August 2004 19:31

Seen it too, but still triple ports :(

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