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jmke 12th May 2006 14:10

Is The Playstation 3 Dead In The Water?
For a while, it looked like Sony had an unbeatable console in the Playstation 3. At their E3 2005 press conference last year, they first showed off the console along with a few tech demos, a playable early version of Unreal Tournament 2007, and a number of game concept videos. Everyone who attended that conference thought that the PS3 would easily be the champion of the next-gen console wars, despite the year head start of Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the low price and low development costs of Nintendo's Revolution. How times have changed.

jmke 12th May 2006 14:12

Wake up and smell the coffee, the PS2 was also launched at $600. The name Playstation is widely known, unlike XBOX and Wii.

When the PS3 becomes available you might be surprised by its success, despite this rather disappointing show ing at E3.

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