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jmke 25th May 2004 12:01

Pentium M Dothan desktop demoed in Japan @ The Inquirer

JAPANESE SITE Akiba PC Hotline has some pictures of a great big box using an Intel Pentium M, and without a fan.
The site says that the Pentium M demonstrated is a 735, which uses the PD-41PM160M1 motherboard, and deliver 16 decibels

Silent Power!

jmke 25th May 2004 12:01


jmke 25th May 2004 12:02


kristos 25th May 2004 14:17


but the site reckons someone's going to bring out a small form factor Pentium M machine in a cube soon enough.

RichBa5tard 25th May 2004 14:33

If the pentium M will be priced like low end P4 processors (~150), VIA will be in serieous trouble marketing their slow +-200 euro Epia M boards. Competition at last. :)

jmke 25th May 2004 14:38

the Dothan cpu/mobo can be compared to any AXP setup performance wise. VIA is very low end in that department.

RichBa5tard 25th May 2004 14:47

Yup, but until now there's no competition size/heat wise for the via epia platform.

jmke 25th May 2004 14:55

P3 1000Mhz cooled with SP-97 and very silent 80mm fan. there are 1001 miniITX P3 boards out there

the P3 @ 1ghz is faster then 3 VIA's systems at 1ghz ;)

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