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jmke 8th June 2009 21:13

A Peek Inside Thermaltake's Level 10 Case
Our initial description of Thermaltake's Level 10 may not have been the most flattering. While it does look a little like a school lunch tray, the BMW-designed PC enclosure has more in common with a sports car engine cover or some sort of sci-fi skyscraper. And at Computex last week, Thermaltake let us open it up to see how components actually fit inside.

The motherboard, power supply, and optical drive covers all rotate outward on hinges, with most of the cabling running at the back. That gives a surprisingly clean look to the Level 10's guts even with a working PC mounted inside. As neat as they look, however, the covers feel a tad flimsy, and we had trouble getting the optical drive cover back on after taking it off.

Thermaltake plans to start shipping the Level 10 in late August or early September. Availability will follow "by October." Without a power supply, this puppy should set you back a cool $699.

jmke 8th June 2009 21:13

fullsize shots:

Faiakes 8th June 2009 21:59

Overly complicated/large/expensive.

Can get the same benefits with an HSPC Texh Station (I know we had this debate before jmke :) )

jmke 8th June 2009 22:04

to each his/her own ;)
I don't very much like this custom build either; it's good for a demo machine; but for home use if very impractical and if that price is right... so not interesting

Faiakes 9th June 2009 17:36

It ridiculously expensive and without considerable benefit (heat reduction)

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