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jmke 1st September 2004 10:28

A PC User's Switch to Mac Article
Up until last year, I despised Apple and all its products. I'm not sure why I decided to switch. I posted on a few threads at and I decided that I would give a Mac a shot. I needed a new laptop, and the Powerbook 12" had everything I was looking for. To my surprise, this was the best computer decision I've ever made. Many people are very misinformed about the Mac hardware and software. Hopefully, I'll be able to help distinguish between truth and fiction in this article.

Most people eliminate Mac from the picture when buying a new system because of a basic misconception. They believe that all their Windows files (such as documents, music, etc.) will not work on a PC. This is utter rubbish. Not only does the Mac OS have Microsoft Office, but it also has a slew of other programs to let you use your PC files on Mac. Most files don't need any special software. Music can be played in iTunes, videos can be played in VLC, mPlayer, or QuickTime, and photos can be viewed in iPhoto. Most other file types will also work. I haven't come across a file that I could not get to work in the Mac OS, with the exception of some advanced programs, such as CAD applications. Another misconception is that applications don't exist for Mac. Now I don't want to sound like a mini Steve Jobs, but over 10,000 programs exist for OS X. Virtually anything you would need to use, exists on the Mac platform.

People also think that the Mac OS will be too hard to learn after always using Windows but it really isn't. The OS X operating system is much easier then any other operating system, and most switchers would probably agree. Of course, the initial switch may feel awkward because it is an entirely different operating system. However, within a week, you should feel comfortable enough to do virtually anything you'd need to do in OS X. I have to be honest, the Mac is not a speed-demon. In fact, the G4 chip is quite slow compared to the latest AMD and Intel offerings, both mobile and desktop. The G5 is a different story, but the G4 is not fast. It's not slow, but it's hard to compare the PC and the Mac speed-wise.

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