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jmke 12th December 2008 10:55

Patriot Warp 32GB 2.5" Solid State Drive review
It feels like we've been talking about solid state storage as the future of the hard disk for a long time now, but 2008 finally seems to be the year when this began to turn from mere speculation to reality. Plenty of companies are now shipping SSDs at a wide variety of price points (although, of course, still not at the kind of per Gigabyte pricing levels we're used to with platter-based drives), and the rise of the netbook has seen cheap SSDs become commonplace in products such as ASUS' Eee PC and its various spin-offs from rival manufacturers. Today, we take a look at an SSD offering from Patriot, in the form of their 32GB "Warp" drive.
As per most SSDs, Patriot's Warp series of drives use MLC (Multi-Level Cell) technology with all of the usual abilities such as wear levelling, provided in a 2.5" package. The subject of today's review is the smallest member of this particular family in capacity terms, providing 32GB of storage.

It probably goes without saying that all of Patriot's Warp SSDs have a Serial ATA interface with the usual data and power connectors, with support for both Serial ATA I and II standards. id=27

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