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jmke 15th May 2009 09:07

Patriot Announces DDR3 Registered ECC Modules for High Performance Servers
Patriot Announces DDR3 Registered ECC Modules for High Performance Servers

Patriot Memory, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash and computer technology, today announced the immediate availability of their DDR3 Registered and DDR3 ECC Unbuffered DIMMS.

Designed to compliment the Triple Channel Technology of Intel’s® Core™ i7 platforms, Patriot's Server Memory fully leverages the performance of DDR3 memory to deliver exceptional memory bandwidth while reducing memory latency and providing reduced power consumption. The modules offer maximum performance and reliability for servers with 24/7 data intensive operations.
"Compared to DDR2, the transition to DDR3 server memory can reduce the average power consumption by as much as 25% to 35%," says Phil Rombs, Patriot's Senior Applications Engineer. "We understand the significance to our partners for efficient, reliable, cost effective, technology." "Patriot’s server memory will help spearhead the transition to DDR3 technology especially for those partners that are focused on servers, workstations, embedded systems and networking applications."
Patriot server memory is supported by a lifetime warranty and free technical support.


Product Information:
Part Number        Description        UPC/EAN
PSD32G10662E        PATRIOT 2GB 1066MHz ECC DDR3        0879699008624
PSD32G13332E        PATRIOT 2GB 1333MHZ ECC DDR3        0879699008150
PSD34G1333EK        PATRIOT 4GB 1333MHz ECC DDR3 KIT        0879699008358
PSD34G1066EK        PATRIOT 4GB 1066MHz ECC DDR3 KIT        0879699008341
PSA34G1066EK        PATRIOT 4GB APPLE 1066MHz DDR3 KIT        0879699008334
PSD36G1066EK        PATRIOT 6GB 1066MHz ECC DDR3 KIT        0879699008495
PSD36G1333EK        PATRIOT 6GB 1333MHz ECC DDR3 KIT        0879699008488
PSD32G10662ER        PATRIOT 2GB 1066MHZ ECC REG DDR3        0879699008013
PSD34G10664ER        PATRIOT 4GB 1066MHz ECC REG DDR3        0879699008631
PSD34G1066ERK        PATRIOT 4GB 1066MHz ECC REG DDR3 KIT        0879699008365
PSD38G1066ERK        PATRIOT 8GB 1066MHz ECC REG DDR3 KIT        0879699008648
PSD32G13332ER        PATRIOT 2GB 1333MHz ECC REG DDR3        0879699008310
PSD34G1333ERK        PATRIOT 4GB 1333MHz ECC REG DDR3 KIT        0879699008372
PSD36G1066ERK        PATRIOT 6GB 1066MHz ECC REG DDR3 KIT        0879699008464
PSD36G1333ERK        PATRIOT 6GB 1333MHz ECC REG DDR3 KIT        0879699008457
PSD312G1066ERK        PATRIOT 12GB 1066MHz ECC REG DDR3 KIT        0879699008471

For more information about Patriot's Server Memory line and other memory module and flash memory solutions, please contact your Patriot Sales Representative or visit

About Patriot Memory:

Patriot Memory designs, manufactures and markets premium branded memory module and flash memory solutions worldwide. The company's DRAM solutions include award winning memory for high performance and gaming applications and high quality upgrade solutions for desktop, notebook, server, and storage systems. Patriot's flash products include removable flash cards and universal serial flash drives designed for personal computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, gaming consoles and other digital device.

Patriot Memory's professional support and operations staff are critical part to Patriot's success. Patriot Memory takes pride in trying to give 100% Legendary Customer Service in all aspects of their operation from Shipping, RMA, Technical Support, our entire operations staff is here to service your every need.

Patriot Memory sells its products through original equipment manufacturers, retailers, e-tailers and distributors. It has operations in North America, Asia and Europe. Patriot Memory's parent company, PDP Systems, Inc., was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Fremont, California, USA.

Patriot Memory, and the Patriot Memory logo are registered trademarks of Patriot Memory in the United States and other countries.

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